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To Avoid - 2005 EP „Maiden Voyage”

Немецкая сцена в лице To Avoid представляет 2005 EP „Maiden Voyage” для свободного скачивания.

Here we offer the EP „Maiden Voyage” for all current fans and the future ones of “To Avoid” for a free download.

Once planned as Dj-Promo grandT and m.a.r.c. decides to provide their fans a lot more stuff as thanks for the trust in their musical doing so far.

Furthermore they hope to convince of their style. At the same time “Maiden Voyage” should be the messenger for the full-length album “VOYAGE INTO THE PAST”.

Besides the original track of “Wake up“ and a clubedit of “Deep” there are still 5 Tracks of Last Resort Suicide available.

Next to the Original it content 4 Remixes of great electroacts!

We want to thank all involved musicians for their great work again.

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